Our History

over 4 decades

Tony Stacey Centre For Veterans Care

our story

Tony Stacey Centre first opened it’s door in August 1976. It is home to 100 residents. In 1994, The Centre was transformed into a long term care home serving non veterans as well.

The not-for-profit Centre was named after Tony Stacey, the World War II Sergeant who with other veterans fought tirelessly to found the Centre. Located in highland Creek Scarborough area we are home to veterans from across Canada.

It is distinguished by the fact that it is the only veterans’ long term care facility that accepts non-serving spouses of veterans, non-overseas veterans, veterans of conflicts post Korea and peacekeepers.

Our Mission

The mission of Tony Stacey Centre for Veteran Care is to provide the highest quality of long term care for our Veterans, their families and the community.

The Mission Statement is based of a number of principles and beliefs which have been adopted as the philosophy of the Centre and which serve as a guide to the directors, staff and volunteers and all those who are involved in the provision of services to our residents.

our vision

Providing exemplary care in a safe, home like environment.

  • Respect the rights, individuality and dignity of residents and their families
  • Support the residents’ ties to their families and the community
  • Encourage residents to participate in the programs and the affairs of the centre
  • Enable residents and their partners to continue their lifestyles together

Our Values

Respect, Family, Community.